The 2019 Baddest Bitch Champion Has Been Crowned…

After a week of close races, bracket busting and a loss of respect for people on the Internet, we’ve come to a satisfying conclusion to the 2019 Bad Bitchness Tournament.  In the final matchup of the event, 1 seed in the Hollywood bracket hosted Kate Upton, an 8 seed in the sports division. You decided the first official bad bitch champion of the world. And the people are a sucker for an Australian accent.

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 11.28.43 PM

According to all final calculations and votes, Margot Robbie has been named the baddest bitch around. After an unpredictable first few rounds of the tournament, with too many upsets and shocking eliminations, a 1 seed took home the prize. You don’t make it in the bad bitch bracket without having the street cred to get there. Kate Upton is a certified bad bitch and she will recover from this defeat. But it was clear there was no stopping the Margot Robbie train in this years tournament.


Margot has every single element that makes up a bad bitch. First of all she has a hot name. The name Margot is classy but unique–everyone knows who Margot is. She’s naturally beautiful so men love her but she is also a cool girl for cool girls. She’s gotten to where she is by being extremely good at what she does and earning her Hollywood pedigree. Straight women were reconsidering after watching Wolf of Wall Street. She can make a Brooklyn accent sound as hot as her real Australian one. Even though I just easily explained why she’s the baddest bitch in the game, it’s easy to tell that Margot Robbie just exudes bad bitch energy.

She’s given 26 tattoos and counting…

Loves to drink

And manages to play a convincing psychopath that people would still want to fuck.

Congrats to Margot for being the inaugural tournament champion! With her upcoming Quentin Tarantino movie next to Leo and Brad Pitt, Margot will certainly be back next year to defend her title. All you other sad bitches better step your game up!!

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