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Magic Johnson Is Positive……. He Hates LeBron James

Is anybody surprised by this?  I’m not.  I don’t know if it’s even true I just imagine it is.  Magic Johnson hates LeBron James.  He has too.  This is a man who has been apart of the Lakers organization for over 30 years!  30 years!!! I’m not even 30 years old, he’s been a LA guy for longer than my life.  In that time he has been through everything and anything including AIDs and after 30 years as a Laker, 30 years with AIDs it took LeBron James 9 months to make this guy quit.  9 months!  Let that sink in, he’s been fighting this disease everyday for the majority of his lift, and he works with Lebron James for half a year and it just becomes too much.  Do I really care?  No, I hate the Lakers, I hate LA and I enjoy watching LA fail.  Except for the hockey team, I think the LA Kings are pretty cool.  I honestly just wanted to get in on the Magic Johnson AIDs jokes.  Here are some good ones.

“Magic: Im retiring

Lakers: Are you sure?

Magic: I’m Positive” -My friend Jonni

“30 years with AIDs and 9 months with Lebron he finally gives up” -Me

So maybe that joke is being abused and I didn’t create it.  There’s some other ones though

Ah there it is again

Surely that’s the last time anyone will say that

Calling AIDs horse shit made me laugh out loud

Ah, damn there it is again.

Ah again, so I think we are realizing that there really are only 2 or 3 AIDs jokes out there for magic, I think we can do better.  Let’s get more creative out there with out Magic Johnson AIDs jokes on Twitter.  I believe in you folks.

Just because…


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Let me wobble back to my corner, Joe Pa knew.

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  1. Magic: I give up

    LeBron: on fighting aids?

    Magic: on you

    You get it? Because LeBron is worse than aids

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