LeBron Forced His Teammates To Go Out Drinking After Magic Quit Last Night


LeBron has certainly not been shy about how much he enjoys a glass or twelve of vino. After the kind of day the Lakers had yesterday, I don’t blame them for wanting to blow off a little steam out in LA. If you’re going to sign up to play for the Lakers at this point it’s got to be because places like Tao exist where you can casually stop in for a Sheck Wes performance on a random Tuesday night.

People forget the Lakers had to play their last game of the season last night too and lost on a buzzer beater from Moe Harkless.

After the game you might think Lakers players would just want to cry a little in the cold tub, head home, cry a little bit more while listening to some Sade and go to bed regretting their decision to sign with the Lakers. According to TMZ Sports, LeBron dragged them all to Tao so he wouldn’t have to drink alone.

Despite being in a rather upbeat mood after Magic’s sudden press conference stepping down as the Lakers president leaving the team in complete and total disarray, LeBron wasn’t willing to head home after the game and refocus on next season.

LeBron brought all his favorite scapegoats out to Tao. Rondo, Kuzma, JaVale (wearing a fashionable fanny pack I might add), and Lonzo were all spotted enabling him at the club for a “PARTY” to celebrate the ending of the Lakers season.

Now that he’s been freed from his job where tampering and tweeting his favorite players are encouraged, Magic probably showed up to this after party to throw a few back with the guys.



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