Get on the JEOPARDY James Train

About once or twice a year we get a Jeopardy contest that makes the show appointment television, and we’ve found our guy this year.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or aren’t a 75 year old retired man, you’re probably familiar with Jeopardy’s new champ, James Holzhauer.

Simultaneously the most boring human on earth and also an absolute electric factory, James is a 34 year old professional sports gambler from Vegas who has been dominating the game. He’s the first contestant I’ve seen on this show actually put big wagers out there, consistently going “all in” on double Jeopardies with bets ranging from $10K to his most recent $25k double Jeopardy wager.

Here he is going into final Jeopardy with a cool $72,600.

No big deal, he went on to smash the one day winning with $110,914 (the previous was a measly $77,000 back in 2010).

Get on the James bandwagon before Jeopardy has to shut down the show due to bankruptcy.

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