Wrestling may never be the same after… The Five Fecal Fingers of Death!

There was a ton that happened this past weekend in wrestling.

-The wrestling HOF inductions.

-Bret Hart got attacked during is speech by a crazy person.

-Wrestlemania went on for 17 hours.

Whether or not you are a fan of the WWE and wrestling in general… It was a weekend for the ages.

However, something else happened in wrestling this weekend that may not be getting enough publicity. WrestleCon in NYC. And not only just the event… But who participated.

WrestleCon was a 6 man tag team event. Tommy Dreamer, Colt Cabana and Babs versus Matt Striker!

The one and only Mike Babchik… Host of Morning Men on SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio was a “guest wrestler” for the event. And like Babs does for anything in life, he went… “all out” as only Babs can do.

Babchik is taking his wrestling career extremely seriously:

-He has trained by being beat up by is son Joey.

-He warmed up for his debut match by eating a street meat gyro and drinking beer.

-He dug out the best patriotic onesie from the bottom of his closet that he purchased at baby’s R’ Us (He put them out of business.)

-He forgot to take his pre-match dump…

-And walked out with the best hype man/manager in the game… Evan Cohen.

What could go wrong?

The team entered the ring as if they were in a 3rd grade class during a fire drill.


But they were ready..

Somewhere between the entrance and being tagged into the match, that street meat gyro and forgetting about the pre-match dumb presented a bit of a problem.

And, Babs had a bit of an accident.

Yes, yes he sharted his pants. But this is not out of the ordinary for “DJ Babchik” as he was called during WrestleCon… He shits his pants at least once a week, so he was right in his element.

Nothing was going to stop this finely tuned athlete wearing a onesie and beat up dad shoes from living his dream… And taking over the game.

Once he was tagged in it was game… On?

Have you ever seen someone get to top (middle) rope with such ease? And attack his opponent with such force? I didn’t think so!

However his debut didn’t go without a few bumps…

But when the time was right… Babs STRUCK with the best weapon he had, his shit.

And the newest and most lethal finishing move in wrestling history was born.

The Five Fecal Fingers of Death. No one stands any chance against it!

The little man came.. He shit.. And he conquered the night. His professional wrestling debut is shooting him up the ranks in the wrestling world. Maybe one day we will see Babs attacked by a crazy person while giving his HOF speech.

He couldn’t have done it without the support of his FALmily. So many of the great FAL’s were there LIVE to see the action first hand and cheer this little shitter to victory!

On Demand Dan, The Queen FAL, Mushwear, Mike Ruic, John Paul FAL, Tommy Navy FAL, Ricky Bobby FAL just to name a few.

After starting out this new venture 1-0 will we see Babs in the Square Circle again? I sure as shit hope so!

Whether it’s the Five Fecal Fingers of Death or his other finishing move The Shart Shooter… Babs is about to take wrestling by storm!


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