The Red Sox OFFICIALLY Start Their Championship Reign in Home Opener

Holy shit guys, did you see those West Coast games? Yikes, that was ugly. No getting around that fact, but the benefit to being on such a preposterous 11-game road trip to start the season is that it feels like a rebirth as they finally get their rings at Fenway Tuesday afternoon.

Now that the Red Sox are home it doesn’t mean it fixes all of their pitching woes and overall demeanor that they’ve dragged through the first 11 games. The Sox need a jolt, something to really kick them into gear beyond just celebrating last years championship in pregame. They need someone hungry, ready to come in and give this team the push they desperately need. Luckily we have the perfect guy for the job and he’s no stranger either.

PEDEY’S BACK BABY! God I’ve missed him dearly and if you think the Red Sox locker room doesn’t feel the same way despite winning without him then you’re not too familiar with Pedey or this team. The team is a family and despite all the injuries, Pedey is a big influence on a lot of guys on this club.

Plus, is there anything more motivating than seeing Pedroia finally back out there after basically 2 years of grinding and grinding just to get back to some form of himself? Now he’s as ready as he’ll ever be and I expect a lazer show because of it. I want to see this man spraying singles today like he’s a goddamn Kraft cheese salesman.

Sale is on the bump and he’s one of the many starters looking to redeem himself after an ugly start to the year, including one where he was shelled and one where he looked alright, but collected the loss nonetheless and was unable to K more than one of Oakland’s batters.

Today that changes. Today everything changes. This is not a Red Sox team that just quits or surrenders to mediocrity. They’re too good and too invested into the future here to accept anything less than a monster bounce back after this start. It’s only the beginning, so sit back, enjoy some rings, day baseball, banners and Pedey on this lovely Tuesday.

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