Recently discovered that “SHOWER ORANGES” are a legit craze and my mind is blown!

Murt 1

Am I the only person that has never heard of a shower orange until recently? There is an entire Reddit page devoted to shower oranges and it has over 36,000 subscribers. What the F???? I love oranges! I had to know more!!

It all started when I was casually texting my little sister about how I’ve been really into eating fresh oranges lately…see below for mind blowing shower orange conversation:

Then of course I had to do more research about this and apparently it’s an actual thing and people are literally obsessed with eating oranges in the freaking shower…

Even Men’s Health wrote an article about it:

But the Reddit page is what did it for me… click here for the Reddit page…. and see below for the most hilarious and awesome comments on the page:

I am floored by this shower orange epidemic and craze. Then I see this on the page, a true devoted shower orange fan expressing their love to the craze and I legit haven’t laughed so hard in a while:

There are 4 rules on the Reddit Shower Orange page if you want to be a member and post your experience and rule number 2 is by far my favorite:


…If that wasn’t enough… even TWITTER people are into shower oranges:

I’m sure you all are wondering if I tried it….well duh of course I did… I love oranges and I had to try it after finding out about this and seeing how many people are into shower oranges:

My sister immediately called me for feedback. However, I decided I’m not going to give you guys my review or experience (whether it was good or bad) on the shower orange. You go try it yourself and form your own opinion.

I am here to support shower oranges and give them a shout out to the blog world and I just felt like this topic could not go un-blogged because it was that freaking random and popular! The Reddit page officially made me a fan of shower oranges and just gained one more subscriber.

Also-if you HAVE heard of the shower orange before this blog, please tell me on the Branded Sports Twitter Page. I would be curious to see if others knew about this apparent “life changing” experience.

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