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What’s up guys, I’m Colby, the newest member of the Brand covering the best team in baseball, the Philadelphia Phillies! Before we get balls to the walls on all things Phillies (mostly blogs on Maikel Franco being in the best shape of his life/the leading NL MVP candidate) here’s a little bit about myself – how I became a Phillies fan and how I made it here to Branded.

I took kind of a unique route to becoming a Phillies fan. Growing up in Central Jersey (yes central jersey is 100% a thing), I didn’t have much allegiance to a team, but if I had to pick I swayed towards the Yankees.  In 2004 that all changed when my dad’s best friend from growing up took a trip out to see us and we all spent the afternoon at the brand new Citizens Bank Park. I’m not sure if it was the beautiful new stadium, or the litters of drunk, homeless people playing instruments and selling soft pretzels out of shopping carts right outside that drew me to the Phillies but after that game I told my dad “Fuck the Yankees, let’s be Phillies fans”. And just like that our family became all in on Philadelphia sports.

4 years later was the weirdest/greatest baseball game of all time – game 5 (part 2) of that 2008 World Series (you really thought I’d put my first Phillies related blog out and not mentioned 2008? Cmon!). My dad and cousin decided the best place for me, an eighth grader at this point, to watch the game was at some random dive bar in Philadelphia. When Brad Lidge got that final strike out, some blackout drunk guy in the bar tackled a life size, inflatable Santa Clause. Why there was an inflatable Santa Clause in a bar in late October was/still is beyond me, but hell that’s the beauty of Philly. Now that I’m older and can (legally) drink in bars, I can’t wait for another Phillies World Series Championship so I can be the guy that drank a little too much and start tackling everything insight in a local dump of a bar.

Fast forward to today. I’ve now been living in Boston for almost two years after going to college out here. I’ve spent way too much time in New England and have grown to completely hate all things Boston sports. There’s nothing worse in this world than a New England Patriots fan (shout out 2017 Eagles – watching the Eagles win the super bowl with a room full of Pats fans was some of the most fun I’ve ever had).  Looking forward to more Philly ass kickings on Boston teams!

Alright, enough of my personal backstory bullshit. How did I get to Branded?

My journey to Branded Sports started sometime last fall when the CEO himself absolutely ROASTED me on the internet:

I’ve been following Joe and Branded ever since I was put in that body bag and somehow weaseled my way into a spot to cover the Phillies.

Anyways, I’m excited to be a part of the Branded Sports team and follow some winning baseball again! I’ve got nothing but high hopes for this team and think they’ll easily win the NL East and have a legit shot at taking the NL pennant.

Go Phils!

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