My Bookie Sportsbook Started A Fight With Dave Portnoy And Are Now Playing Damage Control

MyBookie might honestly be shut down before the end of business today. You absolutely hate to see it, but if you’re going to take a swing at a guy like Portnoy, you better understand what you’re getting into.

Earlier today MyBookie took a random shot at Portnoy for not betting 250k with them. Dave wanted to get the bet in with his guy at fanduel but couldn’t get it done. MB took the opportunity to try and throw their names out there and boy did it backfire.

My bookie then took another shot at Pres with some name calling, a tweet they have since deleted. Dave did what Dave does, he answered back in a way that should pretty much end MB forever.

After that video dropped, MB went into full on panic/damage control.

Like a crazy ex girlfriend trying to win back the man of her dreams, MB is donezo. With stoolies out for blood, they will start blocking everyone and soon enough shut down their twitter. It’s also only a matter of time until someone finds out who runs MB and pulls out racist tweets from them or some type of sexual harassment lawsuit. Internet stays undefeated.

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