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Whats up folks,

So about a month or so ago I was doing a “career investigation” assignment on three potential workplaces I would consider working at after graduation for one of my fourth year business courses and I came across a sales position for “branded sports” on some job listing online, me being a Canadian kid living up north I’d never fucking heard of it. But I thought what the hell and messaged the branded Facebook page randomly and pretty much said “hey let me make some shit for you” and luckily I think the three amigos up top were out drinking and agreed pretty much right away for reasons i’m not sure why, but hey I am just happy to be here.

You can call me Hoppsy, I’m from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and have literally no clue what I am doing, I run a Podcast for my school Nipissing University in North Bay, Ontario called “The Lake Show”that I co-host with my pal Matt Simard. I also play for the hockey team at my school, I just finished my 4th season of Usports (the Canadian version of the NCAA) hockey and am going to do a victory lap and because you have five years of eligibility in Canada so why the hell not.

Back in 2012 I was playing major junior hockey in Lethbridge Alberta for the Lethbridge Hurricanes of the WHL, It was my first full season in the league and I started impersonating our play-by play guy “Pat” after road wins on the long ass WHL bus rides home, I would grab the mic and interview the fellas and even get into Pats face and interview him while pretending to be him, people got a good kick out of it. The local news station ran a special on me after they caught wind of it, So on a night when I was a healthy scratch for a home game they brought me up into the booth to do this..

After one of the guys from the news station asked me “would you consider a career in broadcasting?” and I had honestly never thought much about anything other then trying to play hockey as long as I could, so moral of the story is I had some fun doing this and started to look into other ways i could possibly do it more. I was going to go into a college broadcasting program but chose to go to Nipissing University and study business so I could continue playing higher level hockey and get a degree rather then a diploma so I would have more to fall back on. During this time I kinda fell in love with Business and continued pursuing my love of broadcasting and media in general. I have no clue what I want to do with my life but I know I want to have a good time doing it, Ive become a huge fan of stuff like Barstool sports and their podcasts like “Spittin Chiclets” after I started religiously listening to it after it came out I started to think that I could make my own show that could be decent as well. So I started the Podcast with my University and it has been awesome, we are 14 episodes in and are doing pretty well up in Canada right now, but I wanted to branch out and start talking about hilarious shit and stuff Im obviously not allowed to talk about with a school affiliated podcast, so thats why I got in touch with the Branded fellas. I am going to talk about whatever the horn I feel like, I will definitely be talking about Philly sports, add in some more hockey talk, but I will also try to just write about hilarious stuff that could be about anything under the sun. I came on here with the hopes of making a Podcast and Im hoping that something will be in the works here soon, but until then I guess I am going to try my hands at this blogging bullshit, how hard can it really be right? Anywho I’m sure a lot of you people will think I am just a huge fucking loser anyways so it wont really mater! Anyways you’ll be hearing more from me from here on out,

In the mean time, Ill just go fuck myself.


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