Turns Out Bret Hart’s Attacker Is A Real Weirdo

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Zach Madsen was the lunatic that attacked Bret Hart this weekend. Zach who was arrested is now blowing up on social media because, surprise surprise, he’s a big time weird ball.

Lincoln Journal Star: Court records indicate that Madsen, who is an amateur MMA fighter, was arrested multiple times in Lincoln in December and January and charged with violating a protection order and stalking, both misdemeanors, after he made threats in person and on social media toward another MAA fighter. Madsen was awaiting trial in that case.



Later loser. Enjoy jail you psycho. Also can we just arrest anyone that does Joker makeup? Seems like a real no brainer. Wears Joker makeup = will commit a violent crime in the not so distant future.

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[…] Zach Madsen was the attacker and turns out he is a weirdo, surprise surprise. Check out more info on him here. […]

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