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Today In Weird News: A Loving Couple Breaks Up When A Man’s Girlfriend Wont Pee On Him

“Urophilia,  undinism, golden shower, watersports – ‘urine play’ goes by many names.

While it’s defined as a fetish , it’s nonetheless something which a number of people engage in and enjoy.

Unfortunately for one man, his attempt to spice things up in the bedroom via some urine play has backfired.

“Recently, I became interested in getting my partner to urinate on me,” he admitted to Pamela Stephenson Connolly in a letter featured on the Guardian .

“I’ve never tried it before and I don’t know why I’m suddenly keen now, but I’m curious about what it’s like and I think it would make us feel closer.”

On this occasion, it’s had quite the opposite effect.

He adds: “Now my partner thinks I’m disgusting. –Mirror UK

Tragic love stories always get me.  I never know how to feel.  Bad for the guy or jealous that he now get’s the sweet embrace of freedom from the ball and chain that is a relationship with a woman.  Or do I feel bad that he now is lonely with nobody to pee on?  I don’t really know, it could go either way.  I do however have advice for him, something I just thought up.

“It it better to have loved and lost, then to never have held in your bladder, for that is the most pain of all”

I think he can appreciate what I am trying to say here.  Nothing about break ups are easy but this guy is clearly a freak.  He doesn’t need a girl who doesn’t want to pee on him, or to be pee’d on.  This man needs a freak.  He need’s a girl who’s willing to bang with a toaster on the edge of the bath while plugged in.  He need’s a total wild card who doesn’t know what she’ll do next.  He need’s a girl that you meet at the orgies without the masks. That’s what this cat needs.  We need to help my man’s out.  We need to find him a total freak with no limits.  If anyone know’s this guy is let me know, I’d like to help him out.


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