NHL Hits Fight Record in 2018-2019

And unfortunately not the record I wish I was talking about.

I don’t want to sound like some dinosaur who is pushing for some ancient agenda in the game of hockey, but I love a good scrap and I think fighting is good for the game, it is a differentiation point that sets it apart from other sports for obvious reasons. Many people dont agree with it, Which is honestly fine. Though for some reason hockey has focused on pleasing the people who don’t even enjoy the game in the first place for the past 20 some odd years. which is weird.

While this is the product of many things since the 47,896 rule changes that have been put into place since the multiple lockouts that have happened since the mid 90’s. I do say it is sad to see such a decline in fighting. Again not trying to sound like a caveman here but it truly makes an effect on the game that a casual fan might not understand, I understand the recent research in the head injuries involved with contact sports that have people claiming we will think anyone who played contact sports as we look back 50 years from now was an absolute freak/mythical creature of the past, but a fight in hockey is a result of two guys agreeing to drop the gloves and get it on. No one is forcing them to fight, they introduced the instigator rule years ago. They accept the risks and fight bare knuckle to answer the bell for a teammate or just to fire up the boys, there is nothing quite like it. Does that not sound like the true essence of sport in a combative sense? It is honestly hilarious, I am not a caveman, but you see many people sitting down when the gloves drop.

Since the historic website http://www.dropyourgloves.com has apparently ceased operations I am having trouble finding the season with the most fights in NHL history, but thanks to my twitter dark web of hockey research team it appears that the most fights ever in an NHL season combined was in the 1987-1988 season where there was a WHOPPING 1100 total fights, averaging out to 1.31 fights per game. Imagine being a season ticket holder of any NHL franchise during the 1980’s, you probably could write your own book. since 2000 the 2001-2002 season had 803 combined fights in the regular season adding up to 0.63 fights per game. With fighting dropping 45% in the last 20 years it will be interesting to see where it trends in the future.

We are all just waiting for the next arms race in the NHL, someone make it happen


Thanks to @AOhlensehelen51, @4thlinevoice, & @hvymetaldano for the impromptu last minute research via twitter, guys are hilarious.

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