Antonio Brown Emotionally Trashed JuJu Smith On Twitter After Saying “Leave Your Emotions Off Twitter”, JuJu Responds

Nick Ru

I think this tweet has fully made its way around twitter by now.  Antonio Brown just doing Antonio Brown things….Being an ass hole.  What a lot of people missed about AB’s little rant is how big of a hypocrite the guy is.

Way back when a full hour before he emotionally exploded on JuJu, he said this.

The guy is such a dickhead he can’t even remember the 60 minutes prior to putting his emotions on the internet, he said don’t put your emotions on the internet.  JuJu would not let this go quietly and nor should he, he did respond.

And a nice little dig he said…

Unless you’re a Raiders fan I can’t imagine being pro Antonio Brown here.  Make no mistake if I was a Raiders fan I would be pro AB on this, but I’m not so I’m going to call it how it is.  AB is an egomaniacal ass hole with no sense of self-awareness and he has one of the most delusional brain’s you’ll ever come across.  I’m just calling it how it is, I am full team Juju on this and everyone who isn’t a Raiders fan should be as well.  The only think AB ever did worth talking about is when he said playing with Wentz would be a blessing from god.  Other than that, dude’s an ass hole.

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