Stephen A. Smith May Or May Not Have Stormed The Court Last Night During The Sixers’ Brawl

Stephen A. is a weird dude. Him storming a court wouldn’t be out of character. In fact just to prove how much he’s really good friends with every athlete out there, this move is right on brand. Either way, last night during the brawl early in the Sixers game. Which by the way, how much of a little baby back bitch is Eric Bledsoe? First tossing elbows then throwing a fast ball at my King. Grow up. Literally, you’re a tiny little fella. (Basketball tiny, real life he’s 6’1″ so that’s pretty good. Prob clean up on dating apps just putting that in the bio.)

If you look closely……that’s Stephen A. Smith. Just has to be him. He has one of the most identifiable hairlines. You can’t mistake that for anyone else. Stephen A. though is calling BS.

Bad move Steve-o for two reasons. 1. It’s 100000000000% you. 2. This is street cred opportunity. Show the world Stephen that you are about that life. You’re like the honey badger. You don’t give a shit. You dive in head for with no regard for human life.

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