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Follow Friday is back and this week we have one of the most entertaining twitter accounts out there. Funhouse post a bunch of random content but their bread and butter is the best Mike Francesa clips on the internet. And it’s not even close.

If you don’t know, Mike Francesa used to be one of the greatest sports radio hosts in the biz. A king back in the day. But here in 2019 Mike is nothing more than a caricature of himself. Day after day, callers just absolutely body the guy on his own show.

Funhouse posts the funniest and wildest clips almost instantaneously as they happen. Every hypocritical take, every caller that embarrasses him and everything in between. Just pure unadulterated entertainment. So whether you love him or hate him. Especially if you hate him. Go follow Funhouse right away. In a sports world full of takes. Mike’s are the best while simultaneously being the absolute worst.


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