Rake Swihart and Mookie Push the Sox to Their Long Awaited Second Win of 2019

Just like the first week of games the Red Sox have played, Wednesday night was a struggle for a while there. Eovaldi got tapped early in his start but gutted out a tough 5 innings only giving up 3 runs.

Listen, it wasn’t perfect but we take what we can get on this horrible 11-game road trip to start the year. His catcher, on the other hand, came ready to get this team a much needed win. Blake Swihart came to rake Wednesday night going 3-4 with a center field missile of a home run to put an end to the Sox 22 inning scoring drought.

Swihart has started to assert himself as a potential secret offensive weapon on this team. His bat has always been revered, but he’s never had the longevity or ability to really show off his skills at the major league level. With Sandy Leon starting in the minors and Vasquez as the only man Blake has to split time with behind the plate, Swihart will have ample opportunity to live up to expectations this season. His ability to play in the outfield or as a DH will only add to his potential ABs this season. I’d expect days like Wednesday to come around more often than ever for Swihart this season.

Beyond him, we had the one and only Mookie Betts come thru with a bit of luck on a ball that found itself in LF as the winning RBI in the 9th.

It seems as if things are looking up. The sun is shining on the end of the tunnel that is this preposterous start of a schedule bestowed upon the reigning champions of this league. All they need to do now is gut out one more in Oakland then head down to Arizona for a few and then finally the real regular season can begin when the Sox get their rings at the home opener in Fenway next week.

Everything is fine. The Red Sox are fine. We’re all going to be okay.

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