New Photo Claiming To Be Tupac Has Surfaced

Hang on to your butts. We got ourselves more Tupac is alive evidence.

Daily Mirror: “Now a previously unseen grainy image has come to light that, according to YouTube channel Wired Up TV, shows Tupac as he would be now, aged 48.

The mystery man in the photo is seated by the side of a road wearing a pink shirt and straw hat, which almost bears an uncanny resemblance to the rapper – with the same high cheekbones and goatee beard.

In the clip, the unknown narrator rambles on for several minutes before speaking about the alleged photo of Tupac.

He confidently states that there are tattoos on the middle-aged man’s arms, which match those of the rapper, who was also known as 2Pac. “Look closely at Tupac’s arms – you can see the outline of tattoos on his left arm,” they insist of the extremely blurry image.”


Welp that’s good enough for me. We got Tupac alive again. Time to whip together some remastered Tupac tracks and drop another 5 CD album. No one has ever made as much music as Tupac has post death. Death, taxes and hot Pac tracks. That’s all you can guarantee in life.


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