Philadelphia vs DC is ELECTRIC! (An outsiders perspective)

If you don’t know me (where the hell have you been?) But you should know that I am not normally the biggest Philly supporter, even though I live 45 minutes north of the city.

I would rather eat vomit than root for the Eagles.

But… What is happening in the city right now is incredible. On our Podcast Crowding The Plate, Dubs and I really didn’t think Harper would end up on Philly when it was dragging out.

But I did say I thought the Philly fan should be rooting for Harper over Machado 1000000%. Not just because of a talent perspective but for a pure “Philadelphia” perspective.

Harper is perfect in Philly and he is proving it early.

He was welcomed with open arms at Citizens Bank Park last week. That bow I mean, it’s legit..

Harper has been “All Philly.. All the Time” since signing and the Philly faithful are eating it up. As they should.

BUT… His former fans down in DC have been extremely butt hurt and it’s hilarious and sad to watch. In just the second series of the season the Phillies are playing in DC, because of course.

Tuesday night Nats fans “flocked” to the park with signs, clown suits and “Tratior” shirts.

But they were no match, like most fan bases never are… To the Philly fan. Who showed up and showed OUT in DC last night. And literally had Bryce’s back.

I think I see 2 sad Nats fans.

Harper won the game before it even started with the most (disrespectful) respectful bad ass bow yet..


Then the social media battle began. Which was incredible to watch unfold, especially as an outsider. After Harper was K’ed by a former 2 Time Cy Young winner, former teammate and guy he had never faced before. You would have thought the NATS won the World Series and ended Harper’s career.

Philly was having no part of it:

Then this deep Philly lineup did what they do. They got to the Nats, Harper hit an RBI double and the stadium got juiced… With Philly chants.

I haven’t seen a visiting crowd take over a stadium like that since, well the Eagles fans did it in LA. Sad.

We kind of all saw it building all night didn’t we? Harper is back, he was booed, he bowed to his new fans. He struck out twice. Then got good wood on the ball for a double..

There was no chance he was leaving that stadium without DEPOSITING one to the moon.

Not only did the homerun murder the Nats. The bat flip danced on their grave like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

Good night Ball. Good night bat. Good night Nats… How bout that. RIP Nats fans.

I have to admit this has been fun. I am starting to love the bad boy Bryce persona as a Phillie. I can’t wait for the next 13 years of this against the Nationals.

Unless the team just folded and is moving back to Canada after what Bryce did to them last night.


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