Don’t Worry, I Still Write for Branded Sports – Catch Up with Me on What Has Gone Down in Chicago


What’s up everyone. It feels fucking great to be back writing for Branded Sports and holding down the fort for the Chicago contingent. I’ve missed doing this, I’ve wanted to write this post for a while and I’ve been a real idiot lately.

Now…where have I been? Honestly, I’ve just been working like crazy at the day job and have had a lot going on in my personal life. I’m not one to make excuses and I’m sure as shit not going to here. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

In the past couple months, was I tired when I got home after a long day at work? Yes. Was I struggling with finding the time to write? Yes. Did I have trouble coming up with shit to write about randomly for no good reason? Yes (that one sucked).

But guess what? So does everyone else here at Branded. While I was being a goddamn mope, CEO Joe was RUNNING this thing all while hustling for deals and taking care of a child. KMess and Nick Dubs are doing this AND recording a weekly podcast (shoutout to Crowding The Plate). Ru is doing this and being fucking Ru! And Ali is still churning out content even after being devastated by Gronk’s retirement.

All I’m saying is, this crew does it for Branded day in and day out. Night after night. I’m not backing down on them.

After firing up the ol’ WordPress, I saw that my last blog was 2 months ago when I thought Robbie Gould was coming back to the Bears…my oh my how times have changed in that short period of time. Miss you Robbie.

Now, I could write page after page about what has gone down in the world of Chicago sports. I’m not gonna do that here. But I am gonna give my thoughts on every team (yes, even the Cubs) to catch you all up. Here we go.

On the White Sox: I was pissed like everyone else about missing out on Manny Machado, but now I’m (sorta) over it. I think locking in Eloy now was a smart move by our guy Rick Hahn (stop freaking out that he’s started the season 2 for 15 people, it’s 4 games) and I’m keeping my expectations low in yet another rebuilding year. Yoan Moncada may actually have that breakout season we’ve been looking for this year.

Image result for eloy jimenez

On the Cubs: If there’s something I love more than watching Cubs fans freak out over everything and anything, it’s watching them freak out over everything and anything 4 games into the season. I’m sure they’ll be fine and Javy Baez will put up another MVP-caliber year. But I will say this: their bullpen is suspect, I didn’t buy into Yu Darvish last year and I’m not buying into him again this year and they’re facing a TOUGHHH division.

On the Bulls: This team has been a sad circus to watch and I can’t tell you the last time I sat and watched a game. I have no confidence in them getting the #1 lottery pick and getting Zion Williamson. However, I do like them to maybe get the #2 pick and I do like them to possibly pick Ja Morant out of Murray State – that dude can ball. But really…I want Zion.

On the Blackhawks: Talk about a goddamn roller coaster. This team has made me believe dreams could be dreams and has also made me think nothing is right in the world this season. As of the publishing of this blog post, they *technically* have a chance to make the playoffs, but I just don’t see it happening, which would be a damn shame because Kaner has had an MVP-like season, Jonathan Toews has been playing out of his mind and DeBrincat has quietly netted goals in his sleep. Sigh. Big freaking sigh.

On the Bears: And last but not my least…my #1 team out of everyone here. I’ll say this: I love what’s happened so far this offseason. Ryan Pace refused to overpay anyone, filled in the holes of Bryce Callahan and Adrian Amos with Buster Skrine and HaHa Clinton-Dix – shout out to the Packers for trading him, overpaying Amos, then watching him sign with the Bears for less money and less commitment. Congratulations, you just played yourself. Jordan Howard? Eh, I’m fine with that. Loved the dude, but it was clear he didn’t fit in Matt Nagy’s system – I do think they need more than Tarik Cohen and Mike Davis…oh right…the draft is right around the corner. And Cordarrelle Patterson in Nagy’s offense? I’m giddy. Bring football back already, please. And for the love of God, please find a kicker, Mr. Pace.

Boom Nagy GIF by Chicago Bears

Just like George Costanza when he thought it moved after eating the mango, I’m back baby! I’m back!

Image result for george costanza i'm back baby gif

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