The “Car Alarm” Challenge [Videos Included]

So if you haven’t seen… Last week on Twitter some girl put up a video of her doing an impression of a car alarm. And I actually pressed the alarm button on my key because I thought mine was going off…

Scarily good, to the point that I almost don’t believe her.

But now it has turned into a challenge, because it’s 2019 and of course it did. Some people are funny, some people need to delete their Twitter accounts.

This kind of reminds me The the Tik Tok threads that Beanded RU has so famously put together.

Dying Monkeys:

A Philly Alarm:

Mini Mouse Car Alarm:

Wait what?

Scary remix of a French Police Car:

That just sounds like the move Scream 9:


Killed it bro!

There are many more. Do yourself a favor and watch them… Or add your own!


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