Pedro Says Relax and the Red Sox Pitchers Will be Fine. Works For Me


It turns out starting the season on a West Coast trip has not served the Sox well through the first five games. After the latest Red Sox drubbing at the hands of Oakland, Pedro came in and saved the day with the words I needed to hear.

Do I wish the Sox were off to a better start than 1-4? Yup, that would be nice. But am I particularly worried about anyone yet? Absolutely not. It’s hard to play baseball through October and then bounce back and be ready for late March. It doesn’t leave a lot of time to recoup. Plus let’s keep in mind this team is very open and knew they weren’t going to be at their best right away.

They aren’t in the best shape right now and that’s clear. However, when Pedro speaks I listen and he says relax. So I’m calm as a cucumber and taking solace in the fact that the Yankees suck too so far.

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