D.C. Mayor Calls Bryce Harper A Traitor

My goodness, tonight is going to be a site to see. Bryce back in D.C. where he will be boo’d by the small amount of Washington fans that show up and cheered by the majority which will be Phillies fans. National’s Nation has risen to such a high degree of butt-hurt now even the mayor of D.C. is jumping in. Last night Muriel Bowser tweeted and quickly deleted the below tweet.

LOL is right. Are you losers kidding me? Let’s take a quick stroll down memory lane and remember how this all played out. First Bryce Harper made it clear he wanted to stay in Washington. After that Washington made a less than legitimate offer to Harper. Bryce then decides to go to a team that made the highest offer and has a young core. Now the entire fan base wants to kill him for it? GTFOH.

One of the best players in baseball and easily the most electric was too big for that second rate city anyway. Hope he takes a Scherzer fastball for a 500+ foot ride tonight. Until then enjoy his first homer again aka the second longest homer in CBP history aka the first of roughly 300 aka screw the nationals. Let’s go Phils

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