Cowboys extend (suspended) Randy Gregory


Is this the most Cowboys thing every, or do they know something the rest of us don’t?

After drafting Randy Gregory in the second round his career with the Cowboys has been very frustrating. He has failed test after test and been suspend, suspended oh and then suspended again.

However he did work very hard to get back to the team and get back on the field. And when he did he was very successful last year. He made a lot of impact for the Cowboys defense, including 8 sacks.

Then again he was suspended this offseason… Indefinitely. No one knows the extent or length of the suspension. Leaving the Cowboys and the fans in limbo… Again.

Add in the looming contract negotiations with Tank Lawrence and you have could have a disaster on the defensive line. (Which is why the Cowboys traded for Robert Quinn.)

However this morning it came out that the Cowboys have extended Gregory through the 2020 season. This could be the most Jerry Jones and Dallas Cowboys move of all time. They love trying to help players get off the mat. And it seems that they have an even softer spot in their heart for Gregory than any other players.

Or… Do they know something we don’t? Is Gregory’s suspension going to be reduced greatly or even have him reinstated soon? I hope so!

I am excited for the potential Gregory has for this team, but I am also worried about him not getting on the field and having another player just wasting the Cowboys time.

Only time will tell on this one.


Feature Image – NY Post

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