X Gon’ Give it to Ya for 7 More years After New Extension With the Red Sox

The Red Sox have spent the last week getting their season started, but more importantly, they’ve been solidifying their future as well.

First it was signing Chris Sale to an almost $30 mil/year and now they have locked up their shortstop too.

What an unbelievably great signing for the Sox. It’s been rumored for a while now that Xander and the team were getting close to an extension and now we know the numbers. $7/132 comes out to less than $20/year for what is undoubtedly a top 5 shortstop in the AL, I’d argue in the entire league.

Bogaerts came into the bigs with the promise of the next Nomar. His start was bumpy, missing the power he was touted to have and spending far too much time at third rather than developing at short (Thanks John Farrell). However, the turnaround has been everything we hoped for in Boston.

Xander wasn’t the big fish all of Boston was hoping to hear was locked up, and fingers crossed Mookie will sign sooner than later, but having Xander here long term is absolutely for the best and his new AAV, although seemingly high, won’t cripple them when signing new contracts.

If you think he’s overpaid now or the Red Sox are doling out too much dough then get your head out of your ass. Look around and see that the money is out of control and if the Sox want to stay ahead they’ll have to pay for it. Luckily you root for a team that has the means to do such a thing so stop complaining about the money and start enjoying what is turning into a quite the potential dynasty.

Now play us out DMX.

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