Sean McVay pranks Kliff Kingsbury… Welcome to the NFL ROOKIE!

Hazing is a no-no! But, funny harmless pranks are still all the rage. The NFL has been trending toward younger and younger head coaches…

(Yet Belichick just keeps winning.)

And with these young, fun coaches come a bit different way of doing things. They add some flare to the job and are a bit more loose with their styles.

(Like Kliff Kingsbury giving his Arizona Cardinals team… “cell phone breaks” during meetings.)

But one of the hottest young names in the game is Rams head coach Sean McVay. He is younger than a lot of his players, he’s good looking, has a hot girlfriend, is a genius and just took his team to the Super Bowl.

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Now add prankster to his resume.

McVay and Kingsbury are good friends, so much so that McVay tried to hire Kingsbury to the Rams staff this offseason, but Cliff took the head coaching job with the Cardinals.

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Sean invited Cliff to have dinner with him and another mutual friend, Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes. The three are having a great dinner until…

McVay changed a friends name in his phone to “Roger Goodell” and…

Rams Wire “I had this friend send me a text saying, ‘I can’t believe you’re at dinner with Kingsbury and Mahomes. You know better than this. This is tampering. You’re both losing picks.’

I showed Kliff the text and he saw a ghost. I said, ‘You better call (Cardinals GM) Steve Keim right away.’ He said, ‘I thought I was going to lose the No. 1 pick.’”

I mean… That is just hilarious and awesome. The legend of Sean McVay continues to grow. I can only imagine the feeling in Kingsbury’s gut when he saw the text, thinking he just cost his team the #1 overall pick before he has even coached a game in the NFL.

Complete Savage move my McVay and I love it!

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Happy April Fools Day!


Feature Image – Arizona Sports

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