Deja vu wears Pinstripes

Last week I wrote my Yankees Preview & Predictions blog. I talked about some of the Yankees strengths, some of their weakness and some of their question marks.

I also talked about what I felt were some keys to having a successful 2019 season in the Bronx. Obviously this team is stacked and this team has lofty goals this year.

Like… Taking down the defending Champion Red Sox for the division and going on to winning their 28th World Series Championship. To get to that point I said…

Branded Sports “The most important thing for this team to do this year is win the games they are supposed to win. Beat the O’s, beat the Jays, beat the Royals. Last year the O’s were the worst team in baseball and it seemed the Yanks just never beat them. Take advantage of the early “easy” schedule, win the games you are supposed to and get off to a hot start and ride that all season.”

Welp… They are not off to such a hot start in this department. Last year they won the Opener but then lost 3 straight against the Jay’s to start the season. New season… Just about same result.

The Yanks won the opener against the O’s 7-2. Then proceeded to lose the next two games 5-3 and 7-5. Sigh. This O’s Team was the worst team in baseball last season. This O’s team has ONE name you will recognize (and all he does is strike out.) Yet once again this powerful Yankees team, can not beat them.

Image – NY Daily News

The Yankees left 28 men on base this weekend. TWENTY EIGHT. In a three game series. Let that soak in for a minute. They were getting on base almost with ease but when it came to getting the runs in… Same old Yankees baseball.

Again I feel like Stanton struck out in every single big spot at the plate. Sure he got on base a bunch and had a single here and there but in early innings and when no one was on. Anytime it was late in the game with runners on down by a couple… K!

Image – Sporting News

He struck out 4 times this weekend. In the 9th inning Saturday within striking distance. Also in the 4th and the 6th of Sunday’s game when runners were on and the team was trailing. Now Stanton was placed on the 10 Day IL with a bicep injury.

Brett Gardner is batting 0.77 with only one hit, and of course Hicks is still hurt. Do I think it is time to hit the panic button? Absolutely not, the Red Sox lost 3 of 4 to the Mariners. BUT… It is time for this team to get their head out of their ass, take control of the situation and right the ship quickly.

They now play the Tigers at home. Another team I said they must take advantage of. A sweep would do wonders for this team and this Fanbase, but I will just take winning the series. Clint Frazier will be playing for Stanton and I am excited to see the young ginger step up in big spots.

Image – Daily News

There is talk of the Yankees using an “Opener” in Monday’s game (maybe Chad Green.) Then giving way to Domingo German. Sevy and CC are still on the shelf so I am very interested in seeing this “strategybeing put into place.

(Go sign Keuchel.)

But pitching hasn’t been the killer yet this season. The staff gave the team opportunities to win each game. With a powerful lineup like the Yankees… Playing at home you should be able to score more than 8 runs in two games.

Don’t hit the panic button everyone. But, let’s stop letting this bad history repeat itself guys! Go get the job done and right the ship.


Image – NY Times

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