Bad Bitchness Bracket: Sweet 16


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We are officially down to the sweet 16, one step closer to crowning the baddest bitch of all time. There is no more fucking around, and the 16 bad bitches left are not letting up. 2 number 1 seeds remain, Rihanna and Margot Robbie. It’s time to see if they will get taken out like Duke in the next round.

Bad Bitches of Music

I only have a total of 3 bad bitches left on my bracket, and they are all in the music division. I feel like maybe this one wasn’t that hard.


(1) Rihanna up against (4) J Lo is the best battle of the bracket. Those two pictures are from the last week alone on Instagram. They are the most on top of their bad bitch game, always keeping us guessing what heat they will drop next week.

(2) Stevie Nicks is a longevity kind of bad bitch. She just got honored by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for the second time, the first woman to do so. She could care less about boy bands, and thought Harry Styles was in NSYNC.

Bad Bitches of Hollywood


1 seed Margot Robbie has been dominating every single matchup. She’s coming off a beatdown against Emily Rajatkowski just days after she posted this to Insta.

Jennifer Lawrence took down all of those Game of Thrones bad bitches and she has been getting wasted with Adele at gay bars.

Bad Bitches Of Sports


There are a lot of bikini pics on the internet for 3 of these bad bitches in sports. The other one may take them out as the leader of the Stoolies–the only thing more powerful than a pair of double D’s are a pair of AWL’s.

Bad Bitch Icons


I just have a feeling Topanga at a 10 seed is the biggest underdog of this competition. I guess I disregarded how horny guys were at age 12 watching Topanga on Friday night television. She’s up against Carmen Electra as an 11 and that is the nostalgic bad bitch battle.

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