Ultra Music Festival or Fyre Festival 2?

Awe man that music festival looks like it’s gonna be lit right? Wrong. The Ultra Music Festival started yesterday and from the looks of things, Day 1 ended shittily:


From what I can gather is they didn’t prep for the mass of people who were trying to leave simultaneously. I’m not sure it was 80,000 people, though the one tweeter said so, but even the logistical nightmare of shuttling 10,000 people Off an island and over a bridge is mind numbing. Ultra had this to say:

I’m no festival goer but I get the attraction to the music you relate to but these large scale festivals have always been a mess. We glorify Woodstock now:

but you gotta remember people died and the property was trashed:

People were starving and defecating everywhere. Maybe now we see a second documentary about the follies of these very large festivals in places with 0 infrastructure for it.

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