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Everyone has gotta have their Wawa. It is a Delco way of life. It is as much a part of our blood as shit is in the blood of shittsburghers. But we must all know that not All Wawas are created equal. There are good and bad and I will be giving you the 5 best and 5 worst based on reasons I will provide. Be sure to leave comments if you feel I left a Wawa off this list.


5.  State Road Wawa

202 S State Rd, Upper Darby, PA 19082

It took me forever to even grab a picture of this one because no one in their right mind would want to document what it looks like. I only found it because there was a robbery there not too long ago and the paper had a picture. The parking lot is a cluster fuck and I will be redundant and say this tends to be the most dangerous wawa to be in in all of Delaware County. This hurts to say since this is my original wawa. Where I got my first Wawa Hoagie.

4. Broomall Wawa

348s2050 Sproul Rd Broomall, PA 19008

You would think a Wawa in a shopping center would have been planned better but their shitty parking lot and door location absolutely suck. They just renovated this place and fixed nothing of what was wrong with it. In fact, the lines backing up and keeping you from entering have only gotten worse. The parking lot is a preview of Mad Max. Old women threatening to rip your throat out make you feel right at home in Delco. Even better are the hoodlums who hang out to the left all night long like you are impeding on their party by parking nearby. Only plus is Italian Delite right next door.

3. Media Courthouse Wawa425 E Baltimore Pike Media 19063

You would think the lawyers, judges and juries coming in and out of the Media Wawa parking lot would be a little nicer but you’re better off with the executioner. They will cut your head off for a parking space and god forbid someone is double parked, the wars are atrocious. Literally saw two lawyers chummy inside and then screaming at eachother as they both tried to leave. Total avoidance with one just a mile down the street.

2. Drexel Hill Wawaswawa3800 Garrett Rd(Pictured) 525 Burmont Rd, Drexel Hill, PA 19026

Both these wawas have been updated recently but that really doesn’t help. Shit they might be worse due to losing some food and drinks they used to hold. The reason they suck? Parking Parking Parking. You didn’t guess that huh? If you ever been then you know. If you live in the neighborhoods it does not bother you as much.

1. Havertown Darby Road Wawa

o33-35 West Eagle Rd Havertown, PA 19083

Wanna enter the Thunderdome? Enter this cluster fuck of a parking lot. Shit most people park next door at the Skatium or drive the one mile to the better Wawa. SERIOUSLY there is a better wawa less than a mile away. This place is not needed and if I remember correctly it is closed from 10pm-6am? Useless Wawa.


5. The Original Super Wawa

19 N Bishop Clifton Heights Pa19018

If my memory serves me right, this was the original Super Wawa. They swooped right in with the super cheap gas. We drove from Broomall to see it. Little Delco Spawn with faces pressed against the suburban windows. Shit we all were stoked. Us kids for Wawa, my parents for cheap gas. This one is getting older but I say it truly is an Icon in Delco wawa lore.

4. The West Chester Pike Wawa

636005594526668328-060316-WIL-OSHA-WAWA-JC00012.jpg8240 West Chester Pk Upper Darby, PA 

THE West Chester Pike Wawa. Yes, there is only one West Chester Pike Wawa in Delco. Crazy to think huh? Without traffic it is 30-45 minutes to get to the next closest Wawa treat resides on Route 3. They did well moving from that absolute shit parking lot they had before down the street. Fender benders every ten minutes and it seems the assholes panhandling didn’t make the move with them.

3.  Providence Road Wawa

wawa11260 N. Providence Rd Glen Riddle, PA 19063

This was one of the worst Wawa’s ever. BY FAR. The parking lot was a hazard and the selection was shit. Then they tore down a local landmark, The Boathouse, and I will be the first to tell you: It was worth it. Yes, a restaurant I loved meeting its demise was totally worth the great WAWA upgrade of Providence road. Gas, Great Parking Lot, Easy Entry/Exit and a great selection of food. Holy hell they put this thing together fast too. Wawa is really hitting its stride in turning over old Wawas.

2. Wildwood Wawa

wildwood-wawa-1 (2).jpg418 W Rio Grande Ave

You say this Wawa is not in Delco? You are wrong. Wildwood is as Delco as Barnaby’s, Clifton Shrimp and jean shorts. Man this Wawa is just cool looking too. Top that off with the fact they pump the gas for you and I say we got a pretty great wawa right here.

1. Ridley Wawa

1730 MacDade Blvd Folsom Pa19033

I don’t compliment much out of Ridley outside Charlie’s Burgers and Nifty Fifty’s But here it goes: The Nicest and Best Designed wawa is in Folsom. Shit that was hard to say. Wawa took a blight of land and built themselves one nice Super Wawa. The upgrade alone kinda leaves you happier for Ridley, ya know the Fray’s of Delco(previous article reference). Anyhow, congrats Ridley on your victory.


YOU DISAGREE? How Delco of you, leave a comment below and be sure to share how pissed off you are with your friends.


2 thoughts on “Delco Wawa Power Rankings

  1. So clearly you’ve never been to either Havertown WAWA. Which one is it, nex to the Skatium, or Eagle road. They are not the same.

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