Boxer Kisses Journalist – Journalist Hires Gloria Allred [Lap Dance Video inside]

It’s something that has happened as long as Women have worked in Sports Reporting: Athlete misreads attention from Reporter and gives her an unwarranted kiss. It’s wrong. It shouldn’t ever happen. Other guys have gotten away with it, but it doesn’t mean they were right. Obviously Kissing Suzy Kolber was made famous by Joe Namath.

Boxer Kubrat Pulev pushed this kiss on a reporter after winning what is described as a savage bloody battle:

Pulev obviously was very elated at the time. He just won an important bout that put him next in line to fight Tyson Fury. His emotions and I’m sure his adrenaline were running very high. That’s why he claims he dropped the kiss on someone who he claims is a good friend:

Pulev suppporters are also using this photo that was taken as support of Pulev’s claim:

The reporter, Jenny Sushe and her supporters see it differently. That’s why she’s hired All Time Great Women’s Right’s Attorney, Gloria Allred. Pulev is screwed. I don’t think I ever remember Gloria Allred ever losing a case. Right away she gets to work with a Press Conference in which Sushe read a prepared statement:

Gloria knows the best offense is a great offense and swaying public opinion always sets up an easy win for ant case. In this statement Sushe claims that Pulev also grabbed her butt off camera. Another total no no.

Something I find intriguing and I figure any lawyer defending Pulev will as well is that Sushe and Pulev both agree that Sushe attended a party that Pulev was at post interview. Pulev claiming that the Party was held in his honor… One in which video has surfaced of Sushe giving lap dances to members of Pulev’s entourage:

Now I ask you: What’s your opinion? I think we all can agree that Pulev went too far. That’s not debatable. Should he be sued for this? Should he lose his right to box here in the United States? Tell me in the comments below.

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