LeBron Responds To Kobe On Instagram In A Way Only A 13 Year Old Girl And LeBron Would

LA LeBron is just the worst, I think we all can agree on that. Dude can’t make the playoffs, bringing wine to games and now this. To recap. Last night Kobe was on the Carpool Karaoke guy’s late night show and they gave him a choice. Rate Kobe, LeBron and MJ all time or eat a cow’s tongue. Here’s how it went down.

Kobe with a little playful, “I’m the greatest of all time.” Is he really? No, not at all. But was Kobe supposed to do? Bite into cow tongue? No shot. Black tongue? Your’re out of your mind. Leaving Bryant only one choice and that was to answer the question. At that point how is Kobe not supposed to say himself? That’s that killer instinct that everyone loves. Kobe being Kobe.

So of course LeBron saw it and of course LeBron has to respond to it. So what does he do? Flash his stats, turn it into a playful joke and say something like “come out of retirement old man.” Nope he goes full blown just got dumped high school girl with this laugh out loud video.

My goodness. This is your King LA? Might have well been shouting “I TEAR MY HEART OPEN, SEW MYSELF SHUT. MY WEAKNESS IS THAT I CARED TOO MUCH!!”

Even if I had LeBron ranked above MJ, this video would be enough to knock him off the top 10 all time list.

Official top 3 ranked fyi:

1. Michael

2. LeBron

3. Kobe

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