Gronk Is Getting His Own Beer!

Well I guess technically he already has one, but this batch is for Gronk! Nothing New Englander’s appreciate more than a beer dedicated to our favorite athlete. We watched Gritty get his own beer and there’s no way Gronk was going to retire without anyone making a special can of Gronk beer for smashing over our heads and/or Gronk spiking.

Night Shift Brewery is releasing a special limited edition batch of American Double India Pale Ale called “The 87.” The local brew is offered year-round, but the next batch will read “Cheers Gronk!” at the bottom.

I look forward to the videos of the entire Gronkowski family shotgunning these IPAs on the Gronk bus. I don’t think IPAs are the easiest to shotgun but without the pressure to maintain abs, something tells me Gronk will move on to this 6 pack.

If anyone can get one of these for me to display in my future womancave that would be great. I hate IPAs and don’t have the energy to look for it myself.



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