This Avengers Themed Phillies Hype Video is Absolutely Perfect

I’m an absolute sucker for hype videos when it comes to my favorite sports teams. Actually, I’m just a sucker for hype videos in general. You could probably put a dramatic music track over one of those Bill Nye videos we had to watch in school and I’d go nuts. But, I think I have found the pinnacle of pump up/hype videos.

 Credit: Noah Yudt (@YoaNut)

That is insanely well done. 

The video is a crossover between the new era of Phillies baseball and the belief they could finally be good again mixed with the Avengers: End Game trailer. The voiceovers perfectly match everything that’s been going on with Phillies baseball over the years. I can’t even imagine how cool this would be if I followed the Avengers. All I know is there is a big purple guy and he kills Spider-Man who apparently isn’t Toby McGuire anymore?

Sorry, I don’t really go to the theatre and follow this movie series because:

1) I’m not a 14 year boy trying to get his first action

2) I don’t have $11.50 to name to spend on a movie ticket 

But for the purpose of this new era of Phillies baseball, it fits perfectly. It’s been over a decade since the Phils won the World Series. That loveable core of guys is gone and with them the success disappeared as well. This year, with a core of young, talented guys, it’s time to get back to the playoffs. “Whatever it takes”.

The world has changed…

None of us can go back…


I hope this hype video has solidified Opening Day will go a million times better than last years opening day where Gabe  pulled Aaron Nola after 69 pitches and the Phillies blew a 5 run lead. Then the Sixers announced Joel Embiid broke his face like two minutes later.

The only thing would that would make this slightly more perfect then it already is if it included the outro to the Avengers trailer. It’s Paul Rudd who apparently plays an ant(?) popping up at Captain America’s place. Would’ve loved to see Bryce Harper waving like a little kid with a Paul Rudd voiceover.

Regardless, I am now ready for baseball season. 

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