The Swag Dripping Off These Middle Aged White Reporters In Ohio Using Slang Is Off The Charts

Just one of those videos that makes you genuinely smile. Something so innocent about a bunch of naive news reporters that definitely practiced this in the mirror the night before. The weatherman saying “okurrrr” was up until 2am watching Cardi B tutorials. I don’t even get what this is. None of these news reporters are even weaving these terms into a relevant story about a millennial who was tweeting and driving. Are they playing this video somewhere to inspire kids to take a test? I feel like they are being a little lax with their testing policy if they are just saying bye Felicia to stressing about tests.

All that matters was how cool these guys looked doing it. This wasn’t for the kids, this was for these people’s sick twisted enjoyment of seeing how they look saying things like “Gucci breakfast”. I commend their experimentation with their image. You don’t really know if you can pull of an “on fleek” here and there if you never try.

I typically wouldn’t recommend it on a local tv news station but I think the yeet guy nailed it the most. He really believed in what he was saying and put his own little newscaster spin on it.



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