The Greg Schiano Era Ends Before it Ever Began in New England

Well that was fun wasn’t it? I said it before when the Pats hired Jerod Mayo as Linebackers coach, I wasn’t psyched about Schiano taking over the defense. He seemed like too much of a wild card.

In true wild card fashion, Greg Schiano resigned as Pats DC on Thursday afternoon.

God only knows (literally in the case of Schiano) why he ever accepted the job if this is how Schiano feels. Now its almost April and the Pats are not only looking for new players in the draft, but also a Defensive Coordinator, I think.

Here’s the deal. When Bill Belichick is your head coach then you don’t need a DC. The Patriots just won a Super Bowl without naming a DC. Bill is GM, Head Coach and DC all rolled up into one. I have the utmost trust that Bill will have no problem sorting this out, as well as not having Gronk anymore.

Everything is great and honestly no Schiano is for the best. Can’t wait to see what talking heads think this is the thing new that will end the Patriots dynasty.

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