Someone Is Suing TGIFriday’s For $5 Million Over Their Potato Skin Potato Chips

Solange Troncoso … is suing Fridays, claiming the potato skins chips it hawks at grocery stores are deceptive because they don’t actually have any potato skins. In docs obtained by TMZ, she says potatoes are peeled and turned into something called “potato flakes,” but the skins are never put back into the final product.

Troncoso — who is hoping to recruit more plaintiffs through a class action lawsuit — says the labeling deceives consumers into thinking they’re getting a healthy snack.

It’s interesting … Troncoso calls out 3 flavors — cheddar and bacon, bacon ranch and sour cream and onion — and says she was deceived into buying bags of the sour cream and onion back in June.

TMZ is out here doing the Lord’s work. Some TMZ reporters get to interview Kanye, and then there’s the interns investigating lawsuits against TGIFriday’s. And boy did they uncover a doozy.

This chip connoisseur spent her hardworking dollars on a bag of TGIFriday’s potato skin “potato chips” and what she got was not advertised. First she probably started with the sour cream and onion. After getting through the bag(s) she bought, she had to be sure her initial instinct was right and that there were indeed NO potato skins in the potato skin chips. So she bought the cheddar and bacon. Still no inkling of potato skin. Next the bacon ranch, and that’s the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Solange feels $5 million dollars is sufficient retribution for her troubles, and as a reward for uncovering the unjust business behind Friday’s potato skin potato chips. Imagine being a lawyer in this case? Yeah honey today I helped file a class action lawsuit against Friday’s for false advertising their potato skin chips. If that were my husband I’d consider divorce, you can’t try to take Friday’s down. I would never want that to happen.

TMZ has done the honorable and reached out to TGIFriday’s directly for comment. We wait with baited breath for the jury results.



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