Krug and Johansson Set to Play Tonight as the Bruins Continue to Get Healthy Ahead of the Playoffs

This Bruins team had been on quite the tear before dropping a game in which they arguably beat themselves in Tampa on Monday. Going into the game they had won 4 straight in which they outscored opponents 19-5 in those games.

After the tough loss to Tampa there was no doubt in my mind this team would put it back together and bounce back with a beatdown of the sub-.500 Rangers tonight. Now we know they will be doing that with Krug and Johansson. Cassidy also mixed in some other great news to look forward to this weekend.

Before I talk about how terrifying these returns will make the Bruins going into the playoffs I want to say that the John Moore injury sucks. He’s really stepped up physically and offensively in the place of guys like Krug, Miller and Grzelcyk. I hope he can get healthy and be available in the post season.

Beyond that, all fantastic news here from Cassidy. This Bruins team gives me that championship tingle and that’s been happening all year with many key pieces missing with injuries throughout the season. Now it seems the stars are aligning and everyone is returning just in time to be that team NOBODY (even you Tampa) wants to play. I’ll put it out there now, part of me feels bad Toronto has to play us in the first round. They’re a good young team that deserves to play a tomato can in the first round to get the city of Toronto a series win before getting spanked by the Bruins.

They have a strong defense and Tuukka’s had a great season. Add in the fact that their top line each has 30+ goals and Krecji is having one of his best seasons we’ve seen from him and you get one beautiful lineup.

Playoff hockey is almost here and it still can’t come soon enough.

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