Ghost Attack

So you’re doing stuff around your barn home while your child sleeps upstairs while you keep a slight eye on the nanny cam. All of a sudden you see a mysterious figure float past your baby’s crib and startle the child.

That’s what this mother says happened. Something, possibly a ghost, sped past the child allegedly scratching the child in this video. WXYZ(Best Call Letters) investigates, But as do I. The problem I have is that this Sons of Anarchy wannabe family is going to wait it out there in that Barn House because they need to save more money before they leave.

Sorry Bro, But Jax Teller would’ve had his kids out already and into a safe house. A ghost hurts your baby, you don’t wait this shit out. YOU GET THE EFF OUT. Now you’re parading news crews around and only pissing this bastard ghost who hurts babies off more. The story only gets funny from here: The alleged ghost committed suicide by jumping out this second floor window.

Only a bitch ghost that scratches babies would fall out and die from a second floor window. I could fall off that roof and at most have a broken leg. Must’ve been a real bitch boy. Of course if he’s hurting babies he is a bitch boi.

They even had the news there without cleaning up. Like if I was this ghost I’d probably be pissed too. I want some clean digs not some slob messing up the house I jumped out a second floor window to kill myself in. Ghost is just going about it wrong hurting babies instead of the wannabe Jax and Tara.

Watch the video, tell me what you think. Is it a ghost?

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