Chris Evans (Fake Captain America) Says He’ll “Cut Ties” as a Tom Brady (Real Captain America) Fan if He Likes Trump

Admittedly politics aren’t my thing. I don’t understand them and I don’t care to. I get they’re important, but it’s too stressful and serious for me to wrap my tiny brain around.

My thing is Tom Brady. That’s a lot easier to digest. There are way more ups than downs when you’re far more worried about Tom Brady’s family ski trip than the latest bill on government hill (shoutout 3rd grade history).

However it seems Chris Evans, of all people, is making me step out of my comfort zone and address the fact that Evans says he’ll “cut ties” as a Brady fan if Tom is still a Trump supporter.

via Alex Pappademas, Hollywood Reporter

I’m here with an important announcement to the world. Nobody gives a fuck. Seriously. The Patriots don’t need any more fans and we certainly don’t need people that feel they can turn their nose up at 6 Super Bowl championships just because of who they vote for.

The beauty of sports is it doesn’t matter who you vote for, your orientation, what you believe in. Nothing matters except for winning and losing. And Tom Brady is as much of a winner as you’ll ever find.

If the fake Captain America thinks that’s not good enough, then cool, take a hike. Let me know how happy you are watching an 8-8 team with no hopes or aspirations of winning. Could you imagine caring so much about who someone else voted for that you’d give up happiness like this?

You’re right Chris, happiness is overrated when you could just be a snowflake afraid of others with different opinions than you instead. Now get this fake Captain America out of here, I have highlights to watch of the real Captain America.

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