Baseball Ejections are as American as Apple Pie!

Guess what day it is… Guess what day it is?? Yes it is Wednesday BUT… Guess what day TOMORROW IS…

MLB Opening Day. 28 teams (A’s and Mariners started in Japan last week) will begin their quest to win a World Series.

There will be green grass, fresh paint, the smell of hot dogs, strikeouts and home runs. All things baseball fans and Americans love.


Image – Bleacher Report

What part of baseball do we love even more? Ejections! Whether it’s a player getting caught using a corked bat, a manager fighting balls and strikes… Arguments that lead to ejections in baseball always gets the crowd on their feet.

Bobby Cox owns the record of ejections with 161.

The best of All-Time:

The best of 2018:

Thank god baseball is back!


Feature Image – Beyond The Box

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