Zhaire Smith Made His Sixers’ Debut Last Night. Overall, Ehhhhh

Last night Sixers’ fans finally got to see their first round pick in action. Zhaire Smith recorded 5 total minutes, hitting the only shot he took while collecting 1 rebound and 1 steal. Not bad for only 5 quick minutes of completely meaningless basketball. You’re going to see about a billion “Zhaire Smith has more 3’s than Simmons” tweets floating around.

Good call on Brett Brown’s part to throw the kid in the game. I might have tossed him in a little earlier seeing as the Sixers showed little to no effort most of the game. That word, effort is going to be one you hear a lot around this team for the rest of the season. After the Atlanta game, which I thought could be chalked up as just a simple letdown game. You beat your biggest rival earlier in the week, happens all the time.

But this……this is unacceptable

Yes Ben Simmons was out. Which by the way, for everyone out there that continues to talk shit about how Ben needs to be better, this is what you get when he’s out. This is a perfect example of just how valuable Simmons is to this team. If Simmons plays I think they find a way to win this game. I think the killer Ben Simmons comes out and he wills them to victory.

With all that being said, the effort needs to be better, Ben or not. I’m not on the fire Brett Brown train. I think Brett gets blamed for every lose and no credit for wins. BUT, if this effort continues in the playoffs, the Sixers will be bounced early and Brett will have to pack his bags. You can get out shot and out schemed. You can’t get out hustled over and over again.

It’s clear to everyone that has seen this team play that depth is a big time issue. That means for Philly to have success, the starters have to show up and play their asses off. Getting beat on hustle plays has to change, fast. Thursdays game at home vs the Nets is a potential first round preview. It would go a long way for Philly if they can come out and beat the snot out of Brooklyn.

10, 9, 8

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