Tony Romo wants $10 Million a year from CBS

Tony Romo is entering the final year of his three year deal with CBS that pays him around $4 million a year.

On the field some loved him and others hated him. However behind the mic the reaction to Romo has been overwhelmingly positive.

Image – SB Nation

Fans are loving the way he calls games, his excitement and not to mention his unbelievable ability to predict plays. People have even nicknamed him “Romodamus” and saying that he should be an offensive coordinator.

Add all that together and what does that give him? Leverage and a hell of a lot of it. So…

Romo is saying that he wants $10 million a year to continue broadcasting, and you know what? I think he’s going to get it! If CBS does not resign him before the end of his deal you know for a FACT every other network is going to knocking at his door.

…Especially ESPN after their complete failure with Jason Witten and the Monday Night Football crew this season.

(There are other rumors from sources around Romo that say he would be ok walking away from the booth to pursue other business opportunities as well golf.)

Image – Golf Digest

You might ask… How much do football analysts make anyway? Troy Aikman who has been doing it a long time for Fox makes about $7.5 million a year.

If Romo would get a $10 million dollar a year deal to call football games he would be making more money per year than:

Baker Mayfield: $8 million a year

Sam Darnold: $7.5 million a year

Jared Goff: $6.9 million a year

Cason Wentz: $6.6 million a year

Patrick Mahomes: $4.1 million a year

And many other NFL QB’s.

Just get it done CBS, the people love Romo. And you know that’s not a lot of money to you.


Feature Image – Total Pro Sports

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