RGIII Being sued for over 650K by his former Agent.

Remember when RGIII took over the NFL by storm… Then got hurt and fell off a cliff? Yeah me too.

The current Baltimore Ravens backup QB is now being sued by his former agent, for more than $6500,000!

Image – Sports Agent Blog

Bleacher Report“According to ESPN on Tuesday, Ben Dogra filed a lawsuit last week in the U.S. District Court’s Eastern District of Missouri alleging that Griffin did not pay him his negotiated 15 percent share of marketing and endorsement deals.

Oh boy. That doesn’t sound good for Mr. Griffin the Third.

Bleacher Report “In the lawsuit, Dogra alleged that Griffin paid him around $13,000 of the near $390,000 he owed in 2014, slightly more than $36,000 of the almost $260,000 he owed in 2015 and none of the nearly $59,000 he owed in 2016.”

(Oh shit I just remembered RGIII won a Heisman… How about that.)


Feature Image – CNN

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