Jacob deGrom Signs Extension With Mets For Some Reason

Following a week filled with big name extensions across the MLB you had to know the Mets would get in the mix with a contract that they would probably regret.

To my surprise, it was actually a very favorable to deal to them. They have extended ace Jacob deGrom in what I am considering an egregiously team-friendly deal.

Why on earth would deGrom ever sign an extension like that? He just had one of the best seasons we’ve seen in this generation and he takes under $30 million a year? deGrom is 30 years old and just made over $10 million for the first time in his career. He deserves to milk every penny he can out of his success and getting under $30 million a year anywhere should be a disappointment. You add in the fact that he’s signing the rest of his prime, potentially career, away to the fucking Mets. What a terrible decision no matter that money. He should’ve gotten $40 mil a year to have to do something like retire with the Mets.

I’ve been all in on all these extensions, but I think this has gotten a bit out of hand.

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Feature Image via NY Post

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