Conor McGregor retired from MMA overnight

The last time we saw mcGregor in the ring he was getting his ass beat by Khabib. Then was getting smacked in the head by one of Khabib’s teammates.

Since then McGregor has been all over the world pushing his new Whiskey, Proper Twelve.

And basically becoming to mayor of both Chicago and Boston during St. Patty’s Day weekend.

Image – Extra ie

Besides his quick trip to jail in Miami, I’d say Conor has been living the dream.

So last night maybe after a few whiskey pops he said FOOK IT!

The Tweet went out at 1:18AM, so I am taking this “retirement” with a grain of salt and a sip of Proper Twelve.

I hope we get to see Conor in the ring again, but if this is for real and we don’t… You know for damn sure he won’t be leaving the spotlight!

Gif – gyfcat


Feature Image – CNN

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