Another Muscular Woman (Playboy Model) Is Coming Forward Saying ARod Is Cheating on JLo


Another day, another muscular woman that claims ARod is cheating on JLo. Every time one of these stories comes forward no one wants to believe it. ARod and JLo are #goals and people want to see these two together forever. But the thots are coming out from all angles trying to save JLo from what they believe is a womanizing cheater (not my words).

The first time we pushed it under the rug because it was Jose Canseco. Unfortunately even if he were to have the secret to finally indict Donald Trump no one would believe him because, well, he’s Jose Canseco. Universally everyone’s first thought was that it could be possible, considering Jose Canseco’s ex is on the more muscular side, and that’s obviously ARod’s type. After this, all the bodybuilding scammers out there turned on their bat signal. If a 5’10 skinny supermodel came forward no one would believe that ARod’s into her. But if you can bench press 160 and never skip leg day, people just might believe ARod is trying to cheat on JLo with you.


The latest accuser is Playboy “model” Zoe Gregory, who claims that ARod has been texting her since THE DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS to meet up and bring some friends for a threesome.


I will qualify that Zoe is British, so her comments about ARod being a “horny bloke” sound a lot cooler. That being said, Zoe claims these texts happened for about a month, until mid-January. ARod proposed to JLo in March, after claiming he spent a lot of time finding the perfect ring (which he did, that shit is impressive). So from her story, he woke up the morning after wearing matching pajamas with JLo and started texting her for a threesome? I know guys are gross but something just doesn’t add up here…

Just look at how many buttons are undone on ARod’s pajamas. I mean, he’s definitely a horny bloke. As a master of the media, Zoe never reveals if she actually followed through on any of these plans for a threesome, or sent any nudes but if ARod is sending pics of “his penis and muscly thigh,” (Gregory told The Sun, adding that he was enamored with her 36DD bust), you can’t just let those things sit out there unresponded to. When your boobs are that big and plastic it’s not really even sexual it’s just an art exhibit in the museum of plastic surgery.

He allegedly asked for “dates you can fly out (maybe next week to SF),” according to the texts.

IF THIS STORY IS TRUE, it sounds like ARod started distancing himself from the solicitations about 2 months before proposing, which sounds like standard practice. JLo has like 15 performances a night, she does every Grammy’s, Emmy’s, Oscars, has a residency in Vegas and still has time to work out 7 days a week. She’s turning 50 next year. There’s no possible way she can keep track of ARod every minute of the day. As long as he’s in the crowd filming her on his iPhone and awkwardly dancing along like a proud trophy husband, these muscular thots need to stay out of it. JLo has been through enough (get it)…and she doesn’t need to hear your stories about getting a dick pic or two from her fiance.

Truthfully, it sounds like Zoe here wants to have a threesome with JLo. Ultimate power move would be to start texting JLo about one of her hot friends and have a threesome without ARod.

“J.Lo needs to wake up. I feel bad for her and I don’t think it’s right,” she told The Sun.

“J.Lo is amazing and she doesn’t deserve this. While getting ready to marry her, he was asking me for sex videos, demanding we hook up and asking me to make arrangements with other girls.”



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