Sportsbook Refunds Bettors After UCF’s All-Time Rim Job

We’ve seen it live and now we’ve seen the replays but my thought process about the Duke near loss against UCF: That was the most Duke roll off the rim of all time. That tip goes in against any of the other 67 teams in this tournament. I know it, you know it, Duke fans definitely know it, even the Sportsbooks know it:

Do you know how ruthless and rough your loss has to be for a sportsbook to feel bad for you?! And just give the money back?!

I doubt many people had the UCF moneyline against the all-powerful Blue Devils. Bets like that are why Sportsbooks exist and how they thrive. And still, they were willing to give a refund because of how that game played out.

My dad said after that game, if you’re a UCF fan, you’ll have PTSD and replay that game in your head for the next decade. I have absolutely no ties to the UCF Golden Knights basketball problem and even I may replay that one on my head for the next decade.

The missed alley oop. The three that ensued. Tacko fouls out on Zion’s And 1. The missed box out on RJ Barrett. Not one, but TWO game winners get blown off the rim by some higher power. That one took Sunday Scaries to a new extreme. 

Congrats to all those UCF fans who missed out on one of the greatest upsets of all time by mere inches but at least got their money back from  their moneyline bet. 

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