Johnny Manziel Allegedly Cheated On His Extremely Hot Wife So Now She’s At The Strip Club (Video Proof)

As everyone was jerking off to Johnny Manziel mic’d up during his AAF debut, the now third football league he’ll play in, his very hot wife was dragging his name through the dirt.

Obviously Johnny’s wife Bre Tiesi took to social media to allege that Johnny broke their vows and probably cheated. She deleted all pics of him and then started posting responses to people commenting. She started with this diabolical bikini pic from a recent “girls trip” to Bali…


Now she has taken her revenge tour to the strip club. And trust me you want to click on that link. I don’t want to say I like stories like this because, well, fuckboys, but it does prove that it does not matter how hot you are, you are still getting cheated on. Bre certainly doesn’t deserve it but honestly you can’t marry Johnny Manziel and expect it to play out like The Notebook.

On the other hand Bre is handling this breakup like a true veteran. Plan a few girls trips, post half naked pics to Instagram and if that doesn’t work, live story yourself at a strip club. Bonus points for then posting this naked bathtub pic.



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