Bad Bitchness Bracket Round 1: Justice For Ja’mie King

Recapping the first round of the Bad Bitchness Bracket. We lost some all time bad bitches this round and my bracket is officially busted. My biggest upsets were Ciara over Ja’mie King and Ciara over Riley Curry. Those 2 hurt my inner bad bitch.

Updated bracket and round 2 highlights:

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 7.39.16 PM.png

Bad Bitches Of Music

The (9) Miley gang came out at the last second to push her to the second round, but there’s no way in hell she has a chance against my (1) Riri right?

(6) Nicki Minaj vs. (3) Cardi B. Finally a battle that we actually had in real life. I’m not sure there was ever a winner declared in the streets so we’ll settle this one once and for all.

(10) Lana Del Rey up against (2) Stevie Nicks would make a great duet. Turns out they already have one and it’s just as emo as you’d imagine. I’m crying. Might be because Gronk just retired, but the song doesn’t help.

Bad Bitches of Hollywood

(1) Margot Robbie vs. (9) Emily Rajatkowski is every man’s dream threesome. Actually now that I think about it I wouldn’t turn that down either.

(6) Jennifer Lawrence taking on all the bad bitches from (3) Game of Thrones. If anyone can do it, it’s Katniss Everdeen.

giphy (1).gif

Bad Bitches of Sports

(10) Paulina Gretzky vs. (2) Gisele. Gisele might not go by Mrs. Brady but these are two of the most powerful names in sports.

(1) Victoria Beckham vs. (8) Kate Upton will prove if everyone is thinking with their dicks or not. Kate Upton’s boobs could have been another entry altogether.

Bad Bitch ICONS

(3) Michelle Obama vs (11) Carmen Electra is a real head scratcher. Those arms could stranglehold the entire tournament.

(2) Tiffany “New York” Pollard is up against (10) Topanga in round 2 and I fear the nostalgia effect might have Topanga take this whole bracket. Not mad considering…




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